Projects and Services


I help small businesses with R&D problems related to electric motors (and generators). Often, this would mean helping you with both project-management level stuff (Who to hire? How long will this take?) and diving deeper into specific sub-problems (like motor design, or developing simpler a pen-and-paper model of your entire system).

Plus everything to do with finite element analysis, but that’s usually a sideshow (I do love the exceptions!).

Specialties (boring list-type description)

  • Project roadmapping
    • Who to hire? Where to start? Why is my desk on fire??
  • Design and development of electric machines and magnetics
    • Especially novel and early-stage projects with no established design approaches
  • Custom and tailored finite element analysis & software:
    • Stranded conductors
    • Special windings, multiphase machines, fault conditions
    • Iron losses
    • Sliced models
    • Thermal and electric problems
    • Stresses and mechanics
    • Anything else you need in 2D (probably)
    • Ask about 3D-analysis
  • Winding and eddy-current losses
  • Training and instructing

Clients and Projects

Needless to say, client confidentiality is maintained as agreed. Nevertheless, past and ongoing work includes:

  • Tailored FEA apps
  • Helping a manufacturing business launch new motor products
  • Optimization of an e-bike drivetrain
  • Electric motor consulting for an electric aviation startup
  • Motor specialist services for an IoT startup
    • Development of fault diagnostics infrastructure
  • Motor design for an UEV
  • Training and development services for a flywheel energy storage startup
    • Active Magnetic Bearing -related work
    • Knowledge transfer